Traditional Social Dance in Bali

One of the most popular dance in Bali is joged bumbung. Joged bumbung dance has a free pattern of motion, lively and dinamic, taken from the legong dance although the kebyar dance and showing with great improvisation. Joged Bumbung dance usually performed in the spring after harvest, feast and another important day. Joged bumbung dance is a dance in pairs, male and female by inviting audience participation. Joged bumbung dance also requires agility gestures and the eye of dancer, with occasional sexy movement.

Joged bumbung dance accompanied by bamboo instruments called gegerantangan. This dance appeared in the northern bali dan now, the dance of joged bumbung can be found in almost all the island of bali.

All Joged dance except joged pingitan that taking the calonarang story, there is always the ngibing session ( The dance romance ). Begins with the joged bumbung dancer choose male audience to be invited to dance

Joged bumbung dance is part of the joged dance, joged dance can be divided into several parts, ie :
1.  Joged bumbung
2.  Joged pingitan
3.  Joged gebyog
4.  Joged gandrung